Chemise à carreaux sur mesure en noir et blanc

Chemise à carreaux sur mesure en noir et blanc

Tavira, black

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Chemise à carreaux classique et tendance sur mesure en noir et blanc. Grâce à son design multifonctionnel, cette chemise peut être portée au bureau ou en loisir. Commandez notre design tout prêt ou bien personnalisez à votre guise. Cousue d'après vos propres mensurations.

Tissu Tavira, black (100% Coton)
Col Club Modern
Poignets de chemise Un bouton, biseauté
Bouton Belmar, black
Couleur Noir
Motif Carreaux
Tissage Poplin
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12361

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"A little cheap feeling but the price is right."

, 2020-09-02

"Absolutely brilliant quality and fit, delighted!"

, 2020-04-28

"Thinner fabric than I had hoped for."

, 2020-02-27


, 2018-08-18

"It would be nice to have thicker fabrics to choose from. I have several Oxford button down shirts made by Ralph Lauren that are an excellent weight, typically a little heavier than most dress shirts. The button placement is also very good, notably the second button from the top near the neck is a little higher and the collar buttons are perfect. The only downside to these shirts in my opinion is the bottom of the shirt has the swoop layout with long tails instead of being cut nearly straight across."

, 2018-05-16


, 2017-05-28

"Agréable a porter"

, 2017-04-18

"It is a lot thinner than I expected"

, 2016-12-15

"I will certainly look at a higher quality fabric on my next purchase"

, 2016-11-07

"The fabric seems to be of good quality. I am hoping it will wear well."

, 2016-07-27

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