Olive green oxford dress shirt

Olive green oxford dress shirt

Braga, olive green

CHF 89

Oxford dress shirt with a solid colour. Durable and soft to wear. Oxfords are versatile and popular casual dress shirts. Order this design with our Cattolicia buttons for a subtle contrast or customize to your preference. Made to your measurements.

  • Livraison gratuite à partir de CHF 99
  • Garantie Perfect Fit
Tissu Braga, olive green (100% Coton)
Col Button-down Moderne
Poignets de chemise Un bouton, arrondi
Bouton Cattolicia
Opacité Very opaque
Couleur Noir
Motif Couleur pleine
Tissage Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12694

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"Fabric was rougher than I thought it would be. Perfect for someone looking for a work shirt."

, 2020-09-20

"A little stiff but, overall, great."

, 2020-08-17

"Durable and comfortable."

, 2020-06-30

"Tissu un peu pus épais que ce que je croyais"

, 2020-06-23

"Quite a thick material"

, 2020-05-23

"Lovely fabric. i'll never go back to off the peg now."

, 2019-08-23


, 2019-08-14

"Material heavier and stiffer than expected"

, 2019-07-16

"It was a but stiffer than i thought it would be but i bet its also new. Im sure it will wear nicely."

, 2019-04-29

"Heavier than I thought"

, 2019-04-12

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